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World of Amanda Sorensen

A Trailblazer in Motorsports and a Leading Female Race Car Driver


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Amanda Sorensen Went From Being A Figure Skating Prices To Drifting In The Big Leagues

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Amanda Sorensen Explains Why Formula Drift Is So Exciting

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Amanda Sorensen & Casey Mears added to RBM Crandon Lineup

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RJ Anderson and Amanda Sorensen complete new look No. 99 GMC HUMMER EV line-up

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Find Your Passion for Motorsports With Amanda Sorensen

Find Your Passion for Motorsports With Amanda Sorensen

The adrenaline-filled world awaits you! I am a prominent figure in the exhilarating world of Formula Drift and Extreme E. As a trailblazer in motorsports and a leading female race car driver, I have carved a niche for myself in a predominantly male-dominated industry.


Redefining Limits in the Motorsport Arena

Redefining Limits  in the Motorsport Arena

As a skilled motorsport athlete, I push the boundaries of speed and control, creating a spectacle that is as thrilling as it is awe-inspiring. My dedication to the craft and my fearless approach to the sport is what sets me apart.

And it's not just about the races. It's about connecting with the vibrant motorsport community, sharing in the passion for the sport, and celebrating the spirit of competition. It’s about embracing the rugged world of racing and being a part of something bigger.

Amanda Sorensen

The Amanda Sorensen Motorsports Merchandise

The Amanda Sorensen Motorsports Merchandise

The Amanda Sorensen shopping experience brings you closer to the world of motorsports. From Amanda Sorensen T-shirts to other merchandise, you can wear your passion for the sport and show your support for this phenomenal female race car driver. This is not just merchandise; it's a statement of your love for the thrill, speed, and excitement that is motorsports.

If you have questions about the store, shipping, or anything, drop me a message.